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Lowest Tax Possible

QwkTax is the perfect tax service for today’s busy executives. Cheaper, faster & better than professionals, we eliminate human error & replace it with digital accuracy. From our home in the cloud, our combination of bright professionals, technical proficiency & automated technology insures you the best return & lowest tax possible.

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How QwkTax, Inc. works

Open Account. Provide Basic info

Provide basic information and upload pertinent documents. This establishes your account where you safely upload basic data,

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Answer questions. Drag & drop. We do the rest.

It takes you half an hour to provide basic information like name, EIN, address, business income statement, business balance sheet,

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Both you and QwkTax sign returns. Then we file them.
One day turnaround. The very next day you'll be prompted to sign your federal & state returns electronically and authorize us to e-file them. Read More

Cheaper • Faster • Better

Cheaper than professionals.

Tax returns professionally prepared by and EA or CPA for $595.

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Faster than Professionals

Next day turnaround. Less friction than professional practices.

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Better than Professionals

We eliminate human error & replace it with digital accuracy.

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Security is built into everything we do

QwkTax safeguards your information so you can file your taxes confidently. Sign in: When you create or access your QwkTax account, additional security features help ensure the security of your account.

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QwkTax knows tax reform

Tax laws changed in 2018. Rest assured, QwkTax is your trusted resource for tax reform changes. Tax reform is built into our system.

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About Us

The Ellis family of tax businesses. To get the absolute best tax return possible, your business tax returns belong in the Ellis tax family of thought leaders that are leading the business tax industry into the 21st century. From our home in the cloud, we create competitive advantage out of thin air through taxes saved in two ways: through tax strategy & by replacing human error with professional, technical & technological proficiency. Every dollar saved drops straight to the bottom line as another dollar of cash, working capital, profits and competitive

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